Charter of Fire Service

본문 시작

Charter of Gangwon Province Fire fighting Administration Service

We, firefighters,deeply acknowledge the true responsibilities of fire fighting, that is to protect the lives of the citizens of the province as well as properties from various disasters such as fire, rescue and emergencies, and we will try our best to provide high quality fire fighting services so that citizens of the province would be able to secure a safe and happy life.


One, we will minimize damages and loss based on prompt dispatch and
effective site activities.

two, we will put in more efforts for emergency rescue and first-aid services
and fire prevention

Three, we will become fire fighters based on the love of the citizens and

Service Execution Standard
  • In case of Visit
  • A seating plan, with a picture and work responsibility of the officer, will be displayed at the entrance of the office so that customers would be able to find the person in charge within a minute.
  • Labels per the responsible works in the office, and name tags of officers will be displayed at all times to allow easy recognition.
    When customers visit, officers shall stand up and greet them by saying “Welcome. I’m *** in charge of *** works. Officers shall lead the customer to the seat and attend to the contents of the visit.
  • When a customer visits when an officer is attending to a work or is on the telephone, the officer will ask for the customer’s understanding first, finish the work within 10 minutes then tend to the customer.
  • In case the customer is disabled or elderly, please inform the guide at the entrance and once the purpose of visit is delivered to the relevant officer, he/she will greet the customer at the entrance within 3 minutes.
  • In case the person in charge in not available, another officer will take over and handle the work, and under certain circumstances, the reason and the purpose of the visit will be registered and the person in charge will call the customer within 3 hours.
  • In case of telephone
  • When a customer calls, the officer will greet by saying “Hi. I’m *** from the department of ***.” and then listen to the words of the customers.
    During the conversation, in order to clearly understand the customer, important parts of the customer’s comments will be repeated more than once for confirmation.
  • If the customer wishes to talk to another officer, the purpose of the telephone will be delivered to the officer and the customer will be connected to the officer within 3 minutes so that the customer does not have to repeat the same contents again.
  • In case the officer that the customer is looking for is not available, the contents of the telephone will be recorded in detail, and once the officer is available, the message will be immediately forwarded, and we will contact the customer at the time and place desired by the customer within 3 minutes.
  • Once the conversation with the customer is over, we will greet by saying “Thank you. Have a good day.” and ensure that the customer hangs up first before we hang up.
  • In case of requesting for services through other methods
  • In case civil services are submitted via mail, e-mail, Internet and so on, the person in charge and the contact method, and the process of the service will be informed within 3 hours from the receipt.
  • For services that require a long term, situations will be updated to the customer every 7 days so that the customers would not have to be curious about the process.
Items that can be required by the customer
  • The customer can request for necessary information and data related to fire fighting and can request for administration services related to administration procedure during working hours (09:00~18:00).
  • Unless the customer’s requests are specially restricted by the relevant Acts, services will be provided to view and copy the data.
Execution Standard and Contents of Fire fighting administration services
  • Establish Fire Suppression Preparation
  • We will be on stand-by 365 days, 24 hours a day for immediate dispatch to fire sites.
  • Emergency incoming calls to the fire station’s control room will be received within 10 minutes, and the emergency dispatch system will be operated to dispatch more than 1 fire engines in 60 seconds.
  • In case a large fire breaks out, metropolitan fire fighting system will be established so that dispatch from more than 2 fire stations located at the closest distance from the site will be able to take place to minimize damages.
  • y establishing a Fire fighting Support Treaty among relevant institutes such as army, police, electricity and gas corporations and companies with fire extinguishing equipments, we will strengthen collaboration by training more than once a year so that we would be dispatched to the site from the nearest place, even if it means 1 second faster.
  • Rescue·First Aid Competence Execution
  • For the safety of the citizens of the province, more than「One 119 Safety Center and one ambulance at Eup and Dong」 will be allocated, strengthening the rescue and first aid competence.
  • If any accident sites such as fire·traffic·destruction·mountain climbing·rescue at sea·explosion accidents and so on are reported, we will be dispatched within 60 seconds.
  • In case a report made on non-emergency situations such as animal rescue, doors being locked, and so on, we will inform the relevant institutions·groups and will inform you of the result within 10 minutes, and for items that cannot be handled by us, we will inform you on the solution within 30 minutes.
  • For emergency patients, we will allocate more than 1 professional personnel such as 1 nurse, 1 emergency technician or a personnel with rescue education so that appropriate emergency treatment can be given upon arrival.
  • To prevent patients from being infected, the ambulance and the equipments in it will be sterilized more than once a week, and when transferring a patient, the patient will be transferred to the most appropriate medical institution by considering the status of the patient or to the desired hospital of the patient or the guardian.
  • For families who would like to know where the patient was transferred to and would like to know the status of the patient, we will call the family within 1 hour from the call and inform you of the procedure or the result.
  • Strengthen Prevention Activities
  • To prevent fire prevention, fire inspection will be executed more than once a year by selecting the main management subjects after analyzing the causes of fire per period and subject.
  • In particular, during periods prone to fire, such as winter, spring, year-end and beginning of new year, special inspections are conducted more than once on areas prone to fire such as department stores and marketplaces, and officers will be on special alert work, and executive officers in charge of main subjects will be appointed to execute prevention guidance more than once a month.
  • To ensure that safety culture is rooted deep into the lives of the citizens, specialized fire fighting education will be conducted non a yearly basis for children·housewives·office workers·elderly·disabled and so on, per age and per level and will be performed on over 200,000 people by 9 fire stations.
  • For schools, groups, companies, citizen gatherings and so on who wish to attend fire inspection education, you may request for it at the relevant fire station before the 5th and we will provide the education free of charge on your desired date.
  • As for fire accidents, promotional activities will be strengthened by conducting them more than once a month through TV, promotion medium and fire station’s Internet homepage so that fire can be prevented, instead of handling fire after it has broken out.
  • Prompt Civil Services
  • With regards to various civil services, we will try to attend to them in the kindest way, and we will shorten the handling time by 1/3 pursuant to「Civil Complaint Administration Standard Chart」.
  • We will achieve 「True Volunteer」 that will touch the hearts of the regional citizens.
    • “Fire Damage Recovery Information Center” will be established in Fire Station HQ, fire station, 119 Safety Center, and 7 days after the fire, the household suffering from damages will be visited, and “Site Administration” will be achieved (Issuing fire certification, calculating the amount of damage from fire, methods of using medical insurance and claiming for insurance coverage, tax exemption benefits, institutes that provide clothes, rice, blankets and so on)
    • “Household Fire Inspection Submission Window” will always be operated, and dispatch units will make visits during the desired times and execute free inspections such as fire facilities, and
    • If reports are made on non-emergency patients such as femaleㆍhouseholdㆍchildren violence, dispatch will be made within 60 seconds and transportations will be made to sheltersㆍprotection facilities.
  • For support opening of new businesses, Call Service System which visits the site and conducts the entire civil services at site will be executed every Wednesday (10:00~17:00).
  • With regards to the fire inspection works, 「Responsibility using Real-Name」will be executed, and more than 1 telephone dedicated for social irrationality will be operated, and the reported corruption will be promptly and fairly investigated, and the result will be notified within 7 days. In case the investigation is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, we will report on the mid-notification.
  • Correction & Compensation Measures
  • If a customer visits us more than twice due to the fault of the official in charge, a sincere apology will be made first, and work will be handled with priority, and for every 1 visit made, compensation goods (Bookstore Gift Certificate) worth 5,000 Won will be given.
  • If you called or received a call and if the person in charge was impolite or was not able to solve the civil complaint, contact us and we will train the relevant officer, and if this accumulates more than 3 times, we will issue a strict warning.
  • Participation and Opinion Proposal Method of Visitors
  • In case the customer is unsatisfied with the fire fighting services or if the customer would like to provide opinions, civil complaints can be made to the relevant fire fighting institute via telephone or post, or through a visit, and a meeting with the person in charge of the Head of Fire fighting station can be made.
  • If you are not satisfied with the service or the handling of the civil complaint of the fire fighting station, you can submit the civil complaints or suggest your opinion to
  • Citizen Satisfaction Research and Result Announcement
  • We will conduct a customer satisfaction research once a year on the services that are being provided.
  • The result of customer satisfaction research will be opened to you through publications such as Internet, roads, provincial newsletters and so on.
  • Based on the result of the customer satisfaction research, mistakes will be corrected and efforts will be made to provide a better service.
  • Cooperation from Citizens
  • We will conduct a customer satisfaction research once a year on the services that are being provided.
  • Make safety inspections on electricity·gas facilities at home a part of life. Among the fire accidents caused every year, fires from electricityㆍgas facilities take up approximately 30%, causing vast damages. If you put in a bit of interest and conduct safety checks, you would be able to protect your own safety.
  • Do not park or stall your vehicles on the fire fighting road. Fire suppression teams, rescue and first aid activities requires professional fire fighting workforce using special fire fighting equipments and vehicles. Therefore, parking your cars on fire fighting roads will block the entry of fire fighting vehicles, causing obstacles in protecting your lives and properties.
  • Comply with the control of fire fighters at fireㆍrescueㆍfirst aid site. Fire Chief or Head of Fire Stations install controlled lines around the disaster site to control the access of citizens. This action is necessary for the protection of citizens as well as for smooth rescue activities, so as it is minimum control, we ask for your active cooperation.