Fire Service Academy

본문 시작
  • (Postcode) 235-210, 289-48, Dongtaebaek-ro, Taebaek City, Gangwon-do (San 2 bun ju, Dongjeom-dong) (033)580-0212
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  • Our Gangwon Fire fighting School, in line with the rapidly changing environmental conditions has established a cyber and ubiquitous learning environment where learning can take place anytime, anytime voluntarily, in order to foster specialized fire fighting officers, and in particular, it is a fire fighting school institute equipped with the best cutting-edge facilities in South Korea to cater customized fire and safety education focused on practical site situations and realistic training.
Date Content
Nov. 20th 2006 Report on the establishment of Gangwon-do Fire fighting School within Citizen Safety Theme Park (Gangwon-do)
Dec. 19th 2006 Discussions on free usage of Gangwon-do free school for Cheoram district
Apr. 9th 2007 Creation and operation of execution team for the installation of Gangwon-do fire fighting school
May 8th 2007 Request for design change review within Cheoram district (Taebaek City)
Oct. 25th 2007 Establish basic plan for the operation of Gangwon fire school (Fire HQ)
Oct. 30th 2007 Discussion on complementary facilities such as newly construction of compulsory facilities for parts of fire fighting school
Sep. 19th 2008 Design change for Gangwon fire fighting school in Cheoram district
Oct. 9th 2008 Notification of application plan for final approval on the design change of Gangwon-do fire fighting school utilizing Cheoram district within National Safety Theme Park
(Taebaek City·Gangwon-do)
Jul. 6th 2009 Creation of Gangwon-do fire fighting school T/F Team
Feb. 18th 2010 Appointment of Gangwon fire fighting school opening preparation
April 2nd 2010 Installation approval for Gangwon Fire School (Gangwon-do) and appointment of teachers
Apr. 5th 2010 - Admission ceremony of 1st Fire leaders class, Public office class
- Usage of Shared asset, profit license (Taebaek City)
May 11th 2010 School Opening Ceremony
Dec. 22nd 2012 Designated as Level 2 Emergency Rescue Personnel fostering institute (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
Item Total Education Support Department Education Operation Department Reference
Sub-total Education Administration Facility Operation Sub-total Education and Planning Teacher Operation Teaching Team Special Training
Quota 41 14 10 4 27 6 3 3 15
Number of People 41 14 10 4 27 6 3 3 15