119 Extension Service

본문 시작
Dial 119 we'll Connect You
  • Emergency Rescue Interpretarion Service
  • Teen / Women Emergency
  • Child / Elder Abuse
  • Foreigner
  • Interpreter

The 119 service has been extended.

You can use 119 for disaster accidents as well as urgent civil complaint services, at all once.
Remember 119 when faced with urgent situations such as waterworks·gas·environment·disaster and various violence·abuse and so on. You will be connected to the relevant institute responsible to receive urgent measures to be taken and appropriate consultation services.

119 service is provided to foreigners, too.

Foreigners residing or visiting Gangwon province can call 119 to receive prompt and appropriate emergency services.
By utilizing interpretation workforce network, third party call among the caller, 119 employee and the interpretor is possible, and equal services provided by 119 can be used by Koreans and foreigners alike.

Contact 119 through message·video call.

119 situation room has established and now operates a multi-medium call reception system to protect the social disadvantaged such as linguistic disabled, and elderly.
Through various call mediums such as texts, video call and so on, you can call 119, and for those with hearing disability, employees who can communicate in sign language is allocated to provide a 24-hour customized safety services.

119 inter-linked telephone numbers

121(Waterworks), 1366(Sexual violence), 1388(Teenager violence), Regional city gas, 1577-0199(Suicide), 128(Environment), 1577-1391(Child abuse), 1330(Tourism Interpretation Guide), Elderly abuse(1577-1389), 1544-4500(Gas), 1577-1366(Female emigrant), 1588-3650(Disaster), 1345(Foreigner Overall Information)

Call 119 for night·public holiday pharmacies, hospitals and clinic inquiries!

As the 1399 work has been integrated to 119, we provide information on hospitals and clinics on duty as well as pharmacy guiding services.